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Language Courses

OIS offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic , Polish, Serbo-croatian and Dutch. Our teachers have a relevant university degree, along with a wide experience that enables them to work as a tutor with us. The teachers are monitored and coordinated by our pedagogic leader.


With us you train all the communicative skills, i.e. you will become better when it comes to listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our courses focus on the practical use of the language, having the grammatical structures as a support so that the students can express themselves well.


To learn one of these languages ​​step by step, OIS offers a series of four level split over a total of 12 steps* (A1.1 to B2.3). Each level consists of three parts* each of them contains 21 lessons à 45 min. Our goal is to help you to build a solid knowledge so that you can express yourself confidently and independently in different situations.


Courses last around 7 weeks. If it is your goal, you can attend one course after the other so that you are finished with all four levels within two years. The groups have between 6-15 students.


*the number of steps/parts may vary

To learn a new language


There are many reasons for wanting to learn a new language. It may be that you have a family member with a different nationality, or that you want to be more able to do business with foreign companies. It may be of academic reasons, or it may be that you want to make you more familiar with the language spoken at your next destination before you set out on your journey. Whatever your motivation, it's always nice to be able to broaden their horizons! OIS helps you to learn a new language. Join us and open the doors to new worlds!

How to register


  1. Click on the 'påmelding' bottom
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  4. Wait for your confirmation e-mail

Please notice


  1. There might be some changes in the course discription
  2. The course will only begin if there are at least 6 students registered
  3. There will be no more than 15 students for each group



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