About Oslo Internasjonale Språkskole

Om Oslo Internasjonale Språkskole

Oslo International Language School is a private institution established in 2014. What began as only private lessons expanded to a school that offers regular courses in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Croatian and Dutch in Oslo.

OIS is primarily a dedicated company. It means that we are willing to contribute as much as we can to make the world a better place. Therefore we sponsor Norwegian courses for those who cannot afford it, we contribute to the Rainforest Foundation, we have all of our accounts in an ethical bank, and last, but not not least, we share profits with our employees.

We are also keen to share a little of each language culture, so that students feel they belong to the new world the language has opened the doors to. Our purpose is to contribute to the learning of a new language in a simple and efficient manner. We emphasize on creating a pleasant learning environment where you get to learn in a natural way.

Here you find a solid environment of highly qualified personnel, concerned with bringing you the best there is when it comes to learning a language. The courses are taught by both qualified and experienced teachers who use the most up to date learning materials. OIS offers courses from beginner to upper intermediate levels.

Our teachers have a relevant university degree, along with a wide experience that enables them to work as a teacher with us. The teachers are supervised and coordinated by our pedagogical supervisor. Ours courses are taught by live stream video courses on Internet, where teachers and students interact.